Mybody Skincare Fitting Room works to firm and tone body to get it bikini summer ready!

27 Jun

ImageMybody’s latest and greatest skincare called, The Fitting Room Slimming Essentials launched recently at the prominent, renowned NY Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Steven Pearlman’s office on Park Avenue in NYC. Dr. Pearlman talked to guests about ways to prevent facial aging and treatments gears specificially for one’s needs. According to Dr. Pearlman, it’s important to start with a good at home skincare and light office peels, such as the Mybody MyProbiotic Peel, that’s done in his office.

The founders of Mybody, makeup artist and product development consultant Therese Clark, Harrods executive Christine Watson, and skin care pioneer (co-founder of Philosophy) David Watson talked about the products in the amazing Mybody Fitting Room skincare collection. The Room Slimming Essentials kit is an incredible three step slimming kit that really works to firm and tone body, to get it bikini ready for the summer! Results are immediate after the first use, as skin feels much smoother the next day. It’s just three easy steps, and after two weeks of use, skin feels and looks smoother and more toned.

About The Fitting Room Slimming Essentials: It consists of a clinical grade three step slimming solution that features the perfect selection of fat-fighting products formulated with new cellulite-fighters and key anti-aging ingredients. Each high-performance formula works together to quickly and visibly firm, tone, tighten and brighten skin that has lost elasticity and resilience. Each luxurious texture is formulated without parabens, sulfates and artificial colorants, so you can feel good about using Fitting Room kit on a daily basis. The Fitting Room Slimming Essentials consists of the following three simple steps:

1. Skin Prep Body Polish: Apply Body Polish for three minutes and rinse well. This is An invigorating all-in-one body exfoliator that combines gentle, skin-softening beads with Glycolic Acid and plant enzymes to prepare and smooth skin while stimulating its natural circulation. It thoroughly cleanses skin by removing dead skin cells and prepares skin to receive key active ingredients for an enhanced slimming effect.

2. Firm and Tone Body Serum: It’s very important to apply Firm and Tone Body Serum with the Firm and Massage Tool in upwards motion for 10 minutes. This is a highly concentrated, cellulite-fighting serum that contains powerful biologically active ingredients with anti-cellulite and regenerative properties to create the visible appearance of youthful skin that is slim, trim, tight and toned. This magic serum gives skin a youthful appearance, and helps prevent cellulite from reoccurring.

3. Firm & Tone Body Lotion: Finally apply this luxurious and smooth lotion, which is an innovative daily slimming emulsion. It feels like a luxurious body lotion, but acts like an intense cellulite fighting treatment. It contains lifting active ingredients that help diminish the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. It smooths dry, rough skin and helps increase moisturization, elasticity and maintains the slimming benefits of Firm and Tone Body Serum.

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