Samsung, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile offers consumers high speed performance with NO commitment and NO contract

27 Aug


Exciting news to all wireless consumers! Johnny Hart-VP and General Manager of Sales at Samsung Mobile, Mark Lederman-Director of Virgin Mobile; and Andre Smith-VP of Boost Mobile held a press meeting on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 to share the great news. Finally, there are great smartphones, thanks to Samsung at affordable prices and no contract, thanks to Boots Mobile and Virgin Mobile for everyone with limited budgets and busy, ever changing lifestyles!

School starts in less than a month, so this is great for students, especially international students who are super busy and can only commit to an education. Not all people, especially those who travel overseas often or those who simply don’t need to be reached wireless all the time, need cellular and data service every month, which is not feasible and incredibly expensive. Now we can take advantage of a no-commitment, no-contract carrier, own a super powerful smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G (see picture below) and Samsung Galaxy Reverb and pay as low as $35 a month! Finally, powerful and great quality mobile and smart phones with NO commitment, NO contract are now available for all budget conscious users like students and hard working citizens, who just talk and text is now affordable!

galaxy_Black_3_4_left_skewed_vertical_UploadedSamsung Galaxy Reverb available at Virgin Mobile USA

I’m bummed out the tech bully Apple wins lawsuit against underdog Samsung this past weekend, where the jury awarded over $1B for patent infringement (I think Apple is trying in vain to diminish Android and drug wireless consumers with a whole pitcher full of kool-aid – not just half a glass, because all the Samsung smartphones and other Androids that I’ve experienced are different, very durable and better than iPhones and iPads ). Apple demanded Samsung stop selling its Galaxy Line, which consists of the most popular cellphones and computer tablets, from the US market. Recently, I’m very fortunate to have the great opportunity to experience the amazing Samsung Galaxy S III (I dropped this so many times and it still functions great), which many consumers feel it tops iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, which is I think is better than iPad for sure. It’s been rumored that the “phablet” will release soon! “Phablet” = Phone + Tablet. Now that’s my ultimate technology must-have!

I want smart phones with big screens that charges me less money, and Samsung is the Best phonemaker today that makes the smartphones that many consumers want at more affordable prices than Apple’s high rates. Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones run on Android and is King of Androids (thanks to a mobile operating system that Google Inc. gave for free to Samsung and other phone makers)! Samsung and Android enables me to maximize my daily goals and to save, so I hope that Apple will not destroy Android and its allies. The jury in California (silicon valley, home of Apple) is way, way off! Many smartphone and tablet users love Samsung’s Galaxy line, especially its new Galaxy S III, new Galaxy Note 10.1 and prefer Androids over iPhones and iPads. I hope Samsung appeals, overcome Apple’s goal to destroy Androids and its allies, so Samsung and other smartphone makers can continue to give us consumers what we want, at affordable prices.

School is right around the corner, and the holidays are not too far away, so be sure to check out these awesome six devices below that Samsung just launched with Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile with No Commitment, No Contract!

Boots Mobile:
1. Samsung Galaxy S II 4G ($369.99), available September 6, 2012
2. Samsung Array M390 ($59.99), available September 4, 2012
3. Samsung Galaxy Rush ($149.99), available end of September 2012
Messaging, Data, Talk for only $40-$55 a month

payLo by Virgin Mobile:
1. Samsung Entro ($14.99), available now
2. Samsung Montage ($49.99), available now
Messaging, Data, Talk for only $40 a month

Virgin Mobile USA:
1. Samsung Galaxy Reverb ($249.99)
Messaging, Data, Talk for as low as $35 a month
Pre-order August 29, 2012 and expected to be available sometime in September 2012

For more information, visit, and


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