Samsung Galaxy Note II Super Phone launched in NYC Wednesday October 24th

28 Oct

Samsung Galaxy Note II is both a phone and a tablet, right in the palm of your hands!

Samsung is simply amazing and just keeps getting better and better with awesome products such as smartphones, tablets and now — a super phone aka “Phablet aka Phone/Tablet!” I can attest that Samsung is King of Androids due to its incredible Samsung Galaxy III that came out during the summer. It also launched The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 later in the summer, but I didn’t get a chance to review that; although, from what I heard, it is not bad either. On Wednesday, October 25th, an amazing creation bestowed upon us in NYC, where Samsung made smartphone and tablet users’ wishes come true with its phablet called, The Samsung Galaxy Note II!

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a super phone, and phablet, because it’s both a super phone and handy tablet!  Todd Pendelton, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Mobile USA started the presentation, and later introduced Kevin Packingham, Chief Product Officerto the excited crowd of tech editors, journalists, and writers! Finally, smartphone and tablet lovers can now have the luxury of both a smartphone and tablet hybrid with version 4.1 of Google’s Android OS, Jelly Bean right in the palm of our hands, without having to be clumsy to carry a phone, having to take out a tablet and e-reader!

Thanks to Samsung, finally there is one super device to that does not cause bad backs and add to the weight of our already heavy brief cases and/or school bags! It features the brand’s awesome TouchWiz user interface skin and bundled apps that utilizes Samsung’s S PEN. It’s powered by a quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and includes 16GB, 32GB or 64GB depending on available model. Included is an 8-megapixel camera, a front-facing 1.9-megapixel camera for video chat applications, and a micro-SD slot for up to 64GB of extra storage. The Samsung Galaxy Note II’s large 5.5″ Super AMOLED HD touchscreen display is just the perfect size, for those of us who love smart phones, tablets and e-readers, but who just can’t bear the weight of all the devices in our already heavy carry cases! Check out its specs here. This super smartphone is like the Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, but way more convenient to use, because it offers the best of both very important things we need, which is a phone and a tablet!

Kevin Packingham told the excited crowd of press invitees, that the Galaxy Note II is the ultimate device for multitasking, because users can now take notes while on a phone call. Kevin announced that the super phone is available from all major U.S. carriers starting at only $299 with a two year contract! It comes in Marble White or Titanium Gray and can be obtained for those with contracts that are not ready to be renewed yet. In this case, then it costs about $549.99 with a one year contract and $649.99 with no contract. AT&T , Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon’s are all taking orders now, each with a specific date that the the super phone is scheduled to ship.

The holidays are near and this gift will make any smartphone and tablet user estatic! So, hurry and order your Samsung Galaxy Note II NOW, or else it will be back-ordered and you and your loved ones will not be happy during the holidays.


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