These are the cutest and most adorable winter toddler boots!

25 Nov

We went shopping before the Thanksgiving holiday and enjoyed family time with our niece. We had so much fun shopping in the city for clothes, shoes and toys. Everywhere we went, people were telling us how cute and adorable our precious little niece looked in her boots, and asked who designed them!

They are Michael Kors Toddler Girls Yara Boots, made of faux fur. The lovely faux fur boots feel so soft, and look chic and trendy, with bucked straps around the calf. She looks adorable in them with tights, jeans, dress, skirt, and practically anything goes!

I know Michael Kors is a world famous fashion designer, but I’m pleasantly surprised by his creative good taste for children’s fashion as well. We love these boots and can’t wait to check out what other Michael Kors shoes are still available for Christmas, because that’s one of the many presents Santa will be bringing to our precious pretty niece this holiday and many more holidays to come!

By, Jonnie and Anne Lee


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