NYC Vegetarian Food Festival in NYC is outstanding!

3 Mar

This Saturday March 2nd, 2013 I attended the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival at the Metropolitan Pavillion located on 125 West 18th St. In Manhattan NYC. I was admitted at 9:30am with press credentials but regular attendees may enjoy the event from 10am to 5pm. It’s    A two day event which can be attended on March 3 as well.

Upon entering the premises I was given an event guide that listed all the exhibitors booths. I was also pleasantly delighted that most everyone received free raffle tickets towards the chance to win fabulous prizes.

The booth that was near the entrance and caught my eye was the Dairy-Free ice cream named DF MAVENS which comes in soy based, coconut, and sugar-free varieties for everyone in attendance to sample. There are ten high quality flavors to lavish your appetite on. Now people with diabetes and lactose intolerance can satisfy their ice cream cravings with DF MAVENS vegan ice cream coming in a flagship ice cream store opening summer of 2013.

I then gravitated to the Yves Veggie Cuisine booth and tried a free sample of vegan sandwich that contained soy based cold cuts of ham, turkey, and salami with lettuce and tomato on a fresh whole wheat hero. I raved about the taste and went back for seconds. For those who want  a satisfying healthy alternative to meat cold cut sandwiches I recommend buying Yves Veggie Cuisine products at your specialty grocery market.

I managed to find myself at the Kumquat Kids Area booth where they sponsored free childrens’ activity and coloring books as well as PETA comic books that promote animal protection and fair treatment. I was intrigued by the puppet making and the wonderful games and learning symposiums for all the kid participants. Treating animals with compassion is a worthwhile cause and a great learning tool for kids to espouse kindness and gentleness to all living beings.

Some of the highlights of my visit included getting a press kit from Way Better Snacks of several varieties of tortilla chips as well as sampling a green drink from Mo Green Juice. I was also given the privilege of receiving reduced price coupons on the purchase of many products featured at this trade show which is an incentive to buy and try these healthy vegan foods for my next lunch. I must mention the Tasty Bite booth gifted me an Asian Pad Thai Noodle which was generous and well appreciated. Plus JYOTI Organics Indian Food surprised me with free kidney beans which I love. This was a day full of learning about the bountiful delicious and numerous vegan foods that tantalize your taste buds and bring health to your life. I came away with a great time and a memorable experience for a lifetime.


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