5 Aug


The new Survivor  +  Catalyst Waterproof  Case for iPhone 5 is perfect for the summer, especially for those who engage in water sports! The back-to-school season is a month away, so this makes a great gift for any student too.

survivor iPhone5

This amazing waterproof + Catalyst case allows you to take your iPhone underwater down to 3 meters (9.8 feet), so it really does protect your device from water damage and it’s drop proof to 2 m (6.6 feet)! In addition, it enables you to have full access to all of the iPhone’s   features   to   take   photos and videos, make phone calls, send messages, listen to music and even plug in to recharge the battery. The touchscreen, all sensors, cameras and buttons are protected and functional while side latches secure the iPhone 5 inside the watertight case.  The crystal clear housing is a signature feature from Catalyst’s first case, the Escape Capsule, and is designed to allow you to showcase your iPhone as well as visually inspect the o-ring  seals for  reliable waterproof protection. This is one of the best waterproof and drop proof cases out in the market today, because it has a top notch design, high quality, functionality and usability.

“With summer right around the corner, Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof is the perfect companion at pool parties, hiking trips, and extreme sporting adventures. It’s a must-have for anyone in need of superior protection for their iPhone 5,” said Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology.

Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof for iPhone 5 is a fully covered and sealed waterproof case engineered to protect the iPhone 5 from impacts, water, rain, snow, sand, mud, etc. Each Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof is tested to meet  its IP68 waterproof standard of 3 meters  deep for 30  minutes before being approved for sale.   The  case  is  made  from  the  strongest materials including: i) Polycarbonate frame and rear cover ii) TPE shock-absorbing bumpers iii) PET-integrated screen cover iv) Nylon latches, charge port door, volume controls, power button, and home button and v) Silicone O-rings that form a compression line which can be seen through the clear housing to visually confirm that the case is watertight.

The Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 is now available for $69.99 at To watch Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof be put to the test, please visit




  1. SURVIVOR + CATALYST WATERPROOF CASE FOR IPHONE 5 | lifestylenewproductstrends - August 5, 2013

    This is a must have for summer! SURVIVOR + CATALYST WATERPROOF CASE FOR IPHONE 5

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