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Barbie loved by little girls and big girls too!

15 Sep

Barbie, a fashion doll by Mattel, has been loved for more than 50 years and is a top favorite doll for little girls and adults too! The holidays are right around the corner, so if you want to make any girl happy, then give her a Barbie doll (or two).

This summer, I gave my three year old niece two Barbie Dolls that made her so happy! Barbie Color Magic Mermaid Doll and Barbie Ballet Doll. Now, ever time I visit her, she greets me with a huge and happy smile which is priceless. These dolls are perfect for her, because she loves to dance ballet and she’s fascinated by mermaids.

HC-barbie mermaid HC-barbie ballerina

Below are detailed descriptions of the mermaid and ballet dolls:

1. Make Waves With This Princess of the Sea Doll  is a gorgeous mermaid doll that will delight your daughter with “magical” color-change fun from head to tail! Icy cold water transforms her look, while warm water changes her back for endless styling play! This undersea beauty also features elaborate, oversized fins and a bendable tail, so girls can create lots of mermaid moves and poses. Different Dazzling Colors Appear! Apply icy cold water to her beautiful blond hair and watch it be restyled with three colors (pink, purple, and blue) in multiple streaks. Then do the same to her tail! This glamorous mermaid comes with a cute seahorse friend (in a matching color, of course!) who loves to join the splashy fun — just fill with water and start squirting! A Splash-tastic Doll With Stylish Touches Designed for unique movement, the doll’s articulated tail bends to create a realistic swimming motion. Of course, she always looks fabulous above or below water — and with or without color-change. Her blue sculpted bodice features elegant details and embellishments, while a “silver” tiara and statement necklace complete her regal look. Plus, girls can use the included brush to style her long blond hair.

What’s in the Box? Mermaid doll, seahorse squirt toy, brush, tiara, and necklace

  • Icy cold water activates color-change in her hair and on her mermaid tail
  • Warm water changes her back, so you can transform her look again and again
  • Use the cute seahorse friend as a squirty toy
  • Doll’s articulated tail lets girls create mermaid moves and poses
  • Features a shimmery sculpted bodice and silvery accessories
  • Hours of enchanting playtime for your little princess

2. Barbie Ballet Doll is a Prima Ballerina Doll that is ready to take center stage In the enchanting movie Barbie™ in The Pink Shoes, Barbie stars as ballerina Kristyn Farraday™, who dances the title role in the classic ballet Giselle. Representing that graceful character, Giselle doll is poised to leap into the spotlight and dazzle audiences with her gorgeous, glittery outfit! Plus, she features articulated legs and a standard dance step, so girls can make her move like a prima ballerina! Exquisite Fashions That Will Earn Raves! Giselle looks ethereal in a pink-and-blue dance fashion inspired by her ballerina costume in the movie. The sculpted neckline of her bodice mirrors a butterfly shape, and the shimmery, butterfly-inspired wings on her short, full skirt add extra sparkle. Pink ballet slippers, a blue statement necklace, and a matching tiara with butterfly design complete her fantastical look! Girls Can Make This Ballerina Really Dance Not only does Giselle feature articulated legs and en pointe toes, but she also can recreate a dance move from the film. Simply push the doll down into a plié (a knee bend), and when she comes up, she performs a fast entrechat (a repeated beating of the feet). Girls will love watching this amazing move and incorporating it into Giselle’s dances! Based on the Magical Movie Barbie in The Pink Shoes tells the charming story of Kristyn Farraday, a lovely ballerina whose magical pink shoes take her into a fantasy world of ballet. During her adventure, Kristyn transforms into the ballet characters Giselle and Odette from the classic ballets Giselle and Swan Lake, respectively. With this Giselle doll, girls can recreate favorite scenes and dances and choreograph their own! To expand the ballerina playtime, also check out Barbie™ in The Pink Shoes Odette Doll (sold separately).

What’s in the Box? One Giselle doll

  • Doll wears a stunning outfit inspired by her ballerina costume in the movie
  • Pink-and-blue bodice matches her sparkly skirt decorated with butterfly wings
  • Accessories include slippers, statement necklace, and tiara
  • Performs a dance move when you push her into a plié and release
  • Lots of fashion and dancing fun for your little prima ballerina
  • Based on the enchanting Barbie movie

Staples has it all for Back To School and Office Needs

10 Sep

Staples has it all for Back To School and Office Needs.

Staples has it all for Back To School and Office Needs

5 Sep

Staples for Back To School and Office Needs #StaplesHasit

Nick Cannon launched NCredibles Headphones at Staples, NYC

School started for some this week and will start next week for others. If you haven’t completed all your back to school shopping yet, then hurry and go to Staples now!  Staples has great weekly offers for back to school, office and home office too.  In addition, Staples make it easy for all to save this year, with its popular Back-to-School Savings Pass, which offers a 15% discount on supplies, and is is valid through Sept. 21. This is great for multiple trips needed to prepare for the new school year and very helpful for those with many children.  For all of the latest deals and promotions for back to school, be sure to follow #StaplesHasIt on Twitter and Facebook.

Other great Staples perks are:

  • Staples rewards program allows you to earn 5% back in rewards. Become a Staples Rewards member to earn 5% back in rewards on purchases (such as office supplies, snacks, technology, etc), and enjoy FREE shipping on everything at There are 100,000+ products to choose from!
  • Teachers who join the rewards program also earn 5% back in rewards and free shipping on, and also get an additional 5% back on teaching and art supplies.
  • Reward a Classroom program allows parents to earn their own 5% rewards, plus they can nominate a teacher who will earn an additional 2% of what parents spent, up to $50 from 40 different parents! This is quite a perk from Staples!

Also,  Nick Cannon launched his NCredible headphones at a Midtown Staples recently! If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to go to your nearest Staples and try it out! First of all, they are MONSTER headphones, so you know they’re hot stuff! These headphones comes in red, white, blue and black and make great gifts for students for back to school (perfect for high school and college kids). NCredible headphones are stylish and uber comfy, as they have padded ear cushions headband isn’t too tight which can give me a headache, and love its awesome bass sound. Thanks to MONSTER and Nick Cannon, these cook headphones at Staples are affordable, at only $129.99.

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