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Kiehl’s Hells Kitchen Shop is its first full service barber shop that has a salon inside the shop!

15 Jan


Kiehl’s has been offering top quality skincare and haircare for more than a century. Last month, it opened a new shop located in Hell’s Kitchen. Kiehl’s Hells Kitchen is unique from its other stores, because it has a full service barber shop! It offers shaving and grooming for guys (quick trim for gals too), which received quite a warm welcome in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen.

The inside of the Kiehl’s Hell’s Kitchen Shop has a warm looking brick wall and a couple of leather chairs that were custom designed by the renowned bike builder, Paul Cox! You must check out Kiehl’s Hell’s Kitchen whenever you need to replenish your skincare or when you need the perfect gift, because it offers two rewards programs!  First is the point based system that will invite you to exciting special store events and tell you about Kiehl’s latest and greatest new products (very helpful, especially since our skin changes when the season changes). Secondly is Kiehl’s recycling program, where you’ll be gifted with Kiehl’s products just for bringing in your empty Kiehl’s containers. How very generous of Kiehl’s!


Great holiday food and entertainment ideas that go well into the New Year

1 Jan

FoodFete holiday 2013     It’s easy and fun to host holiday and New Years parties, thanks to these great brands below, that showcased their delicious and healthy products at the Food Fete. Some of the top brands that introduced their newest food, beverage and kitchenware products, which were hot items at holiday and New Years parties are:

  • ALDI, Inc. introduced its fresh fruit kabob with strawberries, pineapple and drizzled melted Choceur chocolate dip at the event, as well as, caprese kabob with fresh mozzarella, tomato, spinach leaf; with Tuscan Garden Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing. All these top quality products (and many many more, because Aldi has practically everything you need) are very affordable and made my family and friends very merry this holiday season! My in-laws also enjoyed Aldi’s SimplyNature Exotic Vegetable Chips, Cheese and cracker entertaining tray, Savoritz Entertainment Crackers, Brie Cheese Round, Goat Cheese Log, Prosciutto Panino, Aged Reserve White Cheddar Block, all cost between $1.49 – $3.99 each!
  • BARE makes the most delicious apple chips I’ve ever had! Barefruit All Natural Apple Chips have a distinctively light and crunchy texture created through an exclusive baking process that brings out each apple’s natural sugar, caramelizing it on the outside of the chip. Made from slices of real, fresh apples, these chips have a hearty crunch, and are Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free and fat free, with no refined sugar or preservatives. My favorite is BARE All Natural Apple Chips Sea Salt Caramel, because it’s both sweet and salty. It’s made with sweet baked apples dipped in caramel and sprinkled with sea salt, so it’s great for those who love caramel dipped apples, because it’s these chips are guilt-free, at only 90 calories per serving and 0 grams of fat!
  • Behmor, Inc. launched its Brazen Home Coffee Brewer, which is an innovative new coffee brewer that incorporates newly invented technology previously only available in commercial brewers. The Brazen won the “People’s Choice Award” for Best New Product at the 2012 Specialty Coffee Association of America trade show. The brewer was also called “maybe the best dripped coffee from a machine” from the national design and technology blog, Gizmodo. They served delicious hot coffee, which paired perfectly with the chocolates I had at the Food Fete event!
  • Browne & Co. showed us many items that come in useful for cooking.AdHoc makes: i) SchneidWerk® blade, designed to cut dried herbs versus grinding for better aroma and flavor and is constructed of stainless steel and acrylic ($30); ii) Milano Pepper or Salt Mill Electronic mill features a ceramic grinder and LED light ($50); Ivan Wood Pepper or Salt Mill Designed with eye-catching stainless steel and acacia wood, and the mill features an exterior precision setting with automatic adjustment for high efficiency grinding via ceramic grinder ($50);  iii) Cooling Stick quickly chills wine by the bottle using AdHoc’s stainless steel and nylon/silicone cooling sticks ($35); iv) Spice Bomb add flavor to soups, stocks and sauces by simply filling the infuser vessel with dried or fresh herbs, garlic cloves and more, seal and secure to the side of cooking pot ($25)Berard offers:  i) Salt Keeper is beautiful and practical, and keeps up to 8 oz. of cooking salt within close reach, is  handcrafted of richly grained olive wood with an oil finish, and has a swiveling magnetic lid for easy one-handed access ($50);  ii) Glass and Olive Wood Storage Jars feature handcrafted olive wood lids paired with clear glass storage vessels. The olive wood lids consist of a silicone seal and the jars themselves are made of borosilicate glass, which is coveted in kitchens worldwide for its clarity and durability. ($20/sm; $23/med; $26/lrg)Cuisipro offers:  i) Magnetic Spot Scrubber is great for cleaning long, narrow spaces such as wine decanters, baby bottles, vases, and is easy to use – simply drop the silicone-scrubbing disc into a dirty vase or other vessel, add soapy water and scrub from the outside using the scrubbing knob ($12);  ii) Scoop Bowls feature a unique design with one flat edge. Turn the bowls on their side and chopped vegetables, herbs and other ingredients can be swept directly into the containers in one quick movement. The bowls are available in three different sizes: ¾ cup, 1.5 cup and 2.5 cup. A Nested Scoop Bowls set features one bowl in each size in colors red, green and white. ($8/sm; $10/med; $12/lrg; $10.00 (Nested 3-pc. set)
  • Calogero’s Dusty Truffle are very delicious, high quality truffles that are traditionally “dusted” with cocoa powder. These are very pretty and make great hostess gifts: i) Eat My Dust (Spicy Rocky Road) is a blend of 70% dark chocolate, mini marshmallows, walnuts, and a dash of cayenne pepper;  ii) Angel Dust (Coconut Nirvana) consists of a creamy mingling of white chocolate, coconut milk, toasted coconut, and a hint of rum, all enrobed with unsweetened white coconut;  iii) Pixie Dust (Dark Limon Citrus) is a combination of lemon & lime juice, and 70% dark chocolate, enrobed in thin, 70% couverture, then sprinkled with a touch of “Pixieish”, green and gold flakes;  iv) Dust To Dust (Intensely Dark) is made with a deep dark 70% fresh cream ganache, infused with tiny bits of cacao nibs (imparting a gentle crunch) and dusted with a rich, Black Onyx cocoa powder.
  • Divine Chocolate is a premium chocolate brand and Fair Trade social enterprise co-owned by cocoa farmers in Ghana. The following products were showcased at Food Fete, and are available at select retailers nationwide and online: i) Divine 70% Dark with Ginger and Orange is a smooth dark chocolate bursting with pieces of zesty orange and spicy notes of ginger;  ii) Divine 38% Milk Chocolate with Toffee and Sea Salt is made with 38% Milk Chocolate with a dash of sea salt, perfectly balancing the sweet crunch of toffee;  iii) Limited Edition Divine Milk Chocolate with Spiced Cookies are made with milk chocolate mixed with bits of traditional Christmas spice cookies;   iv) Limited Edition Divine Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts and Cranberries consist of rich dark chocolate bursting with pieces of cranberry and hazelnut;  v) Divine 70% Dark Chocolate Christmas Trees in Christmas Tree Box include 70% Dark Chocolate mini Christmas trees that come in a vibrant red tree-shaped box decorated with a garland of Adinkra symbols;   vi) Divine Milk Chocolate Christmas Trees in Christmas Tree Box are milk Chocolate mini Christmas trees in a vibrant green tree-shaped box decorated with a garland of Adinkra symbols;  vii) Divine Dark Chocolate Mint Thins are slim squares of delicious Divine dark chocolate with smooth natural peppermint fondant centers;  viii) Divine Dark Chocolate Ginger Thins are dark chocolate thins with a bold ginger filling;  ix) Divine 70% Dark Chocolate Coins are 70% Dark Chocolate coins wrapped in a wintery mix of blue and silver;   x) Divine Milk Chocolate Coins are shiny gold coins made with the finest Fairtrade cocoa, smooth cocoa butter and real vanilla giving it a distinctive creamy flavor.
  • Dole Fresh Fruit and Dole Fresh Vegetables treated everyone with delicious, creay fresh fruit treats, that look and taste like soft serve ice cream, making eating healthy easy, delicious and fun! Of course, salad should be included with every meal. Here are some of Dole’s newest products: i) DOLE® All Natural Chopped Chipotle & Cheddar Salad Kit combines cheddar cheese and cheddar tortilla strips with crunchy green and red cabbage, crisp Romaine, kale, sweet carrots, green onions and Dole’s Chipotle Ranch dressing;  ii) DOLE® All Natural Chopped Bacon & Bleu Salad Kit features Applewood smoked bacon mixed with crunchy green and red cabbage, crisp Romaine, kale, sweet carrots, green onions and Dole’s original Blue Cheese dressing;   iii) DOLE® All Natural Chopped BBQ Ranch Salad Kit contains crispy fried onions, cheddar tortilla chips, crunchy green and red cabbage, crisp Romaine, kale, sweet carrots and green onions, plus Dole’s tangy BBQ Ranch dressing;  iv) DOLE® Chopped Asian Salad Blend boasts crunchy green and red cabbage, kale, broccoli slaw, snap peas and sweet carrots. In addition to inspiring salad experimentation, this blend is ideal as the foundation for a stir-fry;  v) DOLE® Chopped Summer Garden Salad Blend mixes green and red cabbage with crisp Romaine, radishes, green onions and sweet carrots.
  • Nasoya tofu was delicious and healthy too. Here are some of Nasoya’s newest products:  i) Nasoya® All Natural Asian Style Wraps & Noodles provide creative cooks with endless possibilities in the kitchen. From adorable desserts to tempting appetizers, Nasoya® wraps & noodles allow home cooks to make healthy and delicious meals in minutes.   ii) Nasoya® Organic, non-GMO TofuPlus, is the nation’s first and only tofu “beefed up” with nutrients normally found in meat, still important for those on a low meat/no meat diet including vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians or those trying out Meatless Monday. Fortified with vitamins B-2, B-6, B-12, Zinc, D-2 and Calcium, TofuPlus is delicious and nutritious! A cholesterol free food and a good source of protein, tofu is the perfect substitution for meat in recipes for health-conscious cooks. Use TofuPlus just as you would any tofu product in your favorite stir-fries, scrambles, smoothies and more. TofuPlus comes in four varieties and textures to suit a variety of recipes: Nasoya Sprouted Super Firm TofuPlus, Nasoya Firm Black Soybean TofuPlus, Nasoya Firm TofuPlus and Nasoya Extra Firm TofuPlus.
  • Noosa Finest Yoghurt is available in the following flavors:  i) Tart Cherry is like a perfect slice of tart cherry pie a la mode, served with a side of cheeky Aussie. It’s lightly sweetened ripe tart cherries are blended with creamy, velvety yogurt.    ii) Plain has no fruit or honey – just its tangy, smooth, famously rich yoghurt, in all its pure unadulterated glory.  iii) Honey is lightly sweetened with Clover Alfalfa honey from Colorado’s Beeyond the Hive.   iv) Blueberry contains true blue goodness and bonzer antioxidants.  v) Raspberry is a mix of velvety rich yogurt, blended with the intensely deep flavor of Pacific Northwest raspberries. vi) Strawberry Rhubarb has sweet, succulent strawberries and tangy, tart rhubarb. vii) Passion Fruit has a sweet, tart, tropical flavor and are made with blended ripe, whole passion fruit purée and rich velvety yogurt.  viii) Lemon is like a good lemon curd that’s smooth, silky, and perfectly tart.
  • Pepperidge Farm is a favorite of both adults and children! Here are some Pepperidge Farm goodies that made everyone happy over the holidays and New Year:  i) Goldfish Holiday Crackers and Grahams are a festive selection of green and red crackers and new Vanilla Cupcake grahams sprinkled in seasonal colors will be in store over the holidays.  ii) Gingerbread Swirl Bread; and iii) The Milano Collection included  Candy Cane (peppermint and chocolate sandwiched between two delicious cookies; and two new products available in February 2014, that I tried first hand at the Food Fette event are Dulce de Leche (a classic combination of chocolate and caramel) and Lemon Chocolate (a refreshing pairing for springtime)
  • Sante Nuts introduced delicious spiced and candied nuts, all roasted by hand using a secret method that ensures supreme crispness and just the right amount of sweet or spice. Nuts, especially with just the right amount of sweetness, salt and spices, make great snacks at parties. Here are Sante Nuts’ latest and greatest mouth watering products:  i) Candied Pecans  are buttery, kissed with pure cane sugar; ii) Sweet & Spicy Pecans with pure cane sugar, cayenne, ancho and paprika; iii) Roasted Salted Pecans consist of huge pecan halves roasted and salted to perfection;   iv) Cinnamon Pecans;  v) Cardamom Cashews contains aromatic cardamom and a touch of pure cane sugar;  vi) Candied Pistachios  are very delicious pistachio kernels, shelled and sweetened with a just-right touch of pure sugar;   vii) Garlic Almonds include zesty garlic, cayenne and black pepper and a touch of pure cane sugar.  viii) Chipotle Almonds  include chipotle pepper, ancho chile and pure cane sugar;   ix) Candied Walnuts are creamy walnuts kissed with pure cane sugar.
  • Valor Chocolate is both delicious and high quality. Even the sugar free products taste good! Here are the newest chocolates that Valor displayed at Food Fete:  i) Valor Dark Chocolate with Marcona Almonds;  ii) Valor Milk Chocolate with Marcona Almonds;  iii) Valor Sugar Free Dark Chocolate with Marcona Almonds;   iv) Valor No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate with Marcona Almonds;  v) Valor Dark Chocolate w/ Marcona Almonds;  vi) Valor Milk Chocolate w/ Marcona Almonds;   vii) Valor Sugar Free Dark Chocolate w/ Marcona Almonds;  ix) Valor No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate w/ Marcona Almonds;  x) Valor Sugar Free 70% Dark Chocolate – $4.79;   xi) Valor Sugar Free 72% Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs – $4.79;  xii) Valor No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate;  xiii) Valor No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate w/ Hazelnut Mousse
  • Zulka Pure Cane Sugar is great for any recipe where refined white sugars are traditionally used. It’s made only from real fresh sugar cane, is unrefined to provide a pure sugar the way nature intended, and is also Non-GMO Project verified. Zulka Pure Cane Sugar is available in one-, two- and four-pound bags, and 100 count four-gram packet boxes. Zulka Pure Cane Sugar is said to be better-tasting replacement for conventional white sugar. I tried some fresh baked cookies at the Food Fete event, that were made with Zulka Pure Cane Sugar, and they were indeed yummy!
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