Kiehl’s Hells Kitchen Shop is its first full service barber shop that has a salon inside the shop!

15 Jan


Kiehl’s has been offering top quality skincare and haircare for more than a century. Last month, it opened a new shop located in Hell’s Kitchen. Kiehl’s Hells Kitchen is unique from its other stores, because it has a full service barber shop! It offers shaving and grooming for guys (quick trim for gals too), which received quite a warm welcome in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen.

The inside of the Kiehl’s Hell’s Kitchen Shop has a warm looking brick wall and a couple of leather chairs that were custom designed by the renowned bike builder, Paul Cox! You must check out Kiehl’s Hell’s Kitchen whenever you need to replenish your skincare or when you need the perfect gift, because it offers two rewards programs!  First is the point based system that will invite you to exciting special store events and tell you about Kiehl’s latest and greatest new products (very helpful, especially since our skin changes when the season changes). Secondly is Kiehl’s recycling program, where you’ll be gifted with Kiehl’s products just for bringing in your empty Kiehl’s containers. How very generous of Kiehl’s!


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