Felix TwoHands and SmallHands are my tablet’s and smartphone’s BFF

11 Jul

Felix, which showcased its latest technology accessories at the New Product Events expo in the Hilton Hotel in NYC recently, has a couple of very simple and useful accessories for tablets and phones. What I love about Felix’s technology accessories is that they’re simple and fun things that makes a big difference on how we use our tablets and phones. Two items that I found most useful in my household are Felix’s TwoHands for iPads, tablets and eReaders and the SmallHands for smartphones.


Flex TwoHands is one of the best and most effect tablet holders out in the market today!The TwoHands grips onto your iPad, tablet or eReader tightly and lets you angle it according to your own liking. It’s very lightweight, very sturdy, simple, and can be used on any tablet in vertical or horizontal position. TwoHands is very slim and portable, which so it’s perfect for summer travels. I love how it’s designed to work with whatever orientation suits me, and how easily it opens up wide to allow for a stable hold in landscape or portrait with small and large tablets.

Felix’s SmallHands is perfect for those who always have their phones with them. It works great for iPhones and most smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4. The saying, “Little things means alot,” really does apply to SmallHands, because it’s so simple, yet it’s so very effective in holding my smartphone, so I can watch movies on my cell

Flex SmallHands is one of the best and most effect smartphone holders out in the market today!

HC felix smallhands


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