Ozobot is a great learning toy for kids

23 Mar


With spring break here and summer coming up, it’s time to get out toys for kids —  but not just any toy! You want toys for kids that help them learn, exercise their critical thinking skills and creative juices. The Ozobot is a smart robot, in that it teaches robotics and coding in a fun and creative way that keeps kids occupied during their spring break and summer vacation.

Ozobot is a simple, fun and engaging introduction into coding and programming for kids (and adults too). For all parents who want to exercise their kids’ thinking skills and creative abilities, this is a revolutionary, smart and innovative learning tool for the digital generation. Ozobot enables kids to draw color combinations of red, green, blue and black to control and influence the smart robot’s behavior on paper and tablets. Ozobot is designed and programmed to remember and playback up to 500 different moves to create one-of-kind dance routines set to your favorite songs! Feel free to download Ozobot’s free STEM/STREAM based lesson plans and workshops, which are perfect for teachers and parents looking for new ways to engage young minds. There are free iOS and Android apps that feature OzoDraw, OzoLuck, OzoPath and OzoGroove.

Check out this video of Ozobot in action. Also, take a look at this video of Ozogroove, that shows Ozobots dance to your favorite music. They’re so cute, and what’s so great about it is that Ozobot can remember and play back up to 500 different moves that you select! Go ahead and give it a try by coding these smart robots and their buddies to perform a Waltz, do the Tango, or Ballet — Ozobots will amuse the entire family from kids to (great) grandparents!


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