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Crunchies Food Snacks, South Beach Diet Sweet Delights & Skeeters Snacks are tasty, healthy and guilt-free

21 Aug

Summer’s here, so it’s very important to look good and maintain weight, while looking fit and trim in hot summer outfits, summer tops and shorts. This doesn’t mean you should sacrifice snacks, sweet or salty.

Below are two several healthy and delicious snacks that are great for healthy and guilt-free summer snacking and back-to-school munchies:

Crunchies come in fruit flavors, veggie flavors, and my favoriate is the corn snacks! I just love the corn snacks for their flavor and texture. The taste combines both half popped popcorn with a grainy sensation that explodes with flavor in my mouth. It leaves the me with a sense of satisfaction and snacking fullfillment realized through the delicious and healthy consumption of these incredibly delicious and healthy corn snacks. I am profoundly enjoying all the Crunchies snacks and an avid customer of all varieties of Chrunchies, but my love and loyalty is forever devoted to Crunchies Corn Snacks. Taste one and you will soon be a fan and a new Crunchies snack convert, because there are so many flavorful varieties to indulge in and lavish your taste buds with. I am a happy and devoted customer of this great product, and can’t wait to try its new flavors. A 3.25OZ package retails for $4.99.Image

South Beach Diet Sweet Delights are guilt-free and will satisfy any chocolate craving! It comes in dark chocolate covered sun flower seeds, and dark chocolate covered soy nuts. What at first appeared to be ordinary chocolate candy becomes chocolate brilliance perfection and dangerously tempting. Ladies and gentlemen – what we have here exactly is chocolate mastery in the highest regard and level of excellence. There is the combination of rich dark chocolate and a balance of sunflower or soy nut in your sweet delights, which is indicative of the name because it is exactly sweet and delightful. What impresses me most about sweet delights, is that it satisfies your lust for chocolate yet the insides such as sunflower seeds or soy nuts fully satiated your hunger, and at just a hundred calories a pack relinquish your guilt too. Why do I rave about this great snack? Well the real reason is that it balances the equilibrium of the recipient’s waistline and the diet is intact with great tastefulness all in a convenient snack sized pack. South Beach Diet snacks are a great contribution and service to consumers everywhere, as they satisfy the sweet tooth and hungar, have no artificial flavors or sweeteners, are only 100 tasty little calories each pack, so they will not make you gain weight. Retail price $7.99 for a box of six packs.

Skeeters Snacks are peanut and tree nut-free, so kids and adults who are allergic to nuts no longer have to be deprived of yummy cookies. Skeeter Snaks make great tasting snacks which contain no peanuts or tree nuts, and they claim to make them in facilities that do not process any products containing peanuts or tree nuts. Their facilities don’t even have nut products in the vending machines in the employee lounges. What I love about Skeeter Snacks is that they are both nut free and they taste like regular cookies, or even better! My favorite are the Chocolate Chunk and Skeeterdoodle (yummy sugar cookies), that contains cinnamon. Skeeter Snacks also has Golden Oatmeal cookies, which is a top favorite for oatmeal cookie lovers.  Retail price $3.99

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