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Organo Gold sweepstakes to win year supply of BrewKups and Samsung Tablet

25 Sep

organo gold sweetstakes

Check out Organo Gold sweepstakes to win an entire year supply of BrewKups (think Keurig Cups with Organo Gold Coffee) AND a Samsung Tablet! All entries must be in by September 30th, so here’s how you can get in it to win it!

It’s very fun and easy, where entrants are simply asked to do the following:

1. Create a recipe using Organo Gold products,

2. Take a photo of it, and

3. Submit the recipe.

Entrants are then automatically entered to win an entire year supply of BrewKups AND a Samsung Tablet! Remember, all entries must be in by September 30th. Organo Gold is really running a grassroots campaign on this one, so definitely check it out! Organo Gold coffee is most notable for being completely caffeine free but still providing that jolt of energy that we all need to get through the day due to the inclusion of a little known, all-natural ingredient known as Ganoderma.


The best of technology from CE Week and Holiday Gift Guide for Back To School and holiday gifting too

7 Sep

The best of technology from CE Week and Holiday Gift Guide for Back To School and holiday gifting too.

The best of technology from CE Week and Holiday Gift Guide for Back To School and holiday gifting too

2 Sep

Whether it’s going to kindergarten, grade school, high school or college, back to school time can be filled with mixed feelings. It can fun to meet new friends and go shopping on a back-to-school shopping spree, and it can be a somewhat sad to say goodbye to the lazy days of summer time. Your choice of accessories, electronics and smartphones tell a lot about your persona, so what ever the reason may be, check out these back to must-haves, some of which were showcased at CE Week and Holiday Gift Guide Media Event, so you know they’re hot stuff!

Technology for little and big kids, that will be sure to make going back to school fun, and also make awesome holiday gifts too!


  • AmazonBasics Capacitive Stylus for Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite, Fire Phone, and other Touchscreen Devices. This stylus offers a smooth pen-like writing experience, for Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite, or Fire Phone! It’s compatible with all capacitive touchscreen devices, and is ideal for learning and drawing apps, writing or navigating. It has an integrated metal clip for easily attaching to pockets and tablet cases.

 AmazonBasics Capacitive Stylus for Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite, Fire Phone, and other Touchscreen Devices

  • AmazonBasics Mini Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a cool bluetooth speaker that has an ultra-portable design to listen to music in the dorm room. It contains one internal 3W speaker and built-in microphone for hands-free calls, and connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device from up to 30 feet (10 meters) away or by using or 3.5mm stereo cable (not included). With up to five hours of wireless play on a single charge, any college student will enjoy some soothing background music, while doing homework. This comes with a micro USB charging cable and carrying pouch (dimensions: 3.3 x 1.7 x 2.6 inches)

.amazonbasics mini ultra port bluetooth speaker

  • Amazon Fire Phone is the first smartphone designed by Amazon that sounds truely “amazing!” This is a must-have for those who likes to experience the latest and greatest that technology has to offer, and especially for all those who love Amazon, and everything Amazon! It’s available exclusively at AT&T in 32GB for $199 with contract and 64GB for $299 with contract. Just imagine how “amazing” it is to have everything you love about Amazon in the palm of your hand. Amazon Fire Phone is the only smartphone with Firefly Technology, Dynamic Perspective, Mayday. Hurry and get yours now, because for a limited time, Amazon Fire includes a full year of Amazon Prime and 1,000 Amazon Coins to use on apps, games, and in-app purchases! If you’re already a Prime member, your membership will be extended an additional 12 months, which is an “amazing” deal that’s too “amazing” to pass up on.

amazon fire phone

  • Amazon Fire TV is a “magical” tiny box that connects your HDTV to a world of online entertainment. So, whether you’re a Prime member or not, it’s possible to enjoy a huge selection of TV episodes and movies, voice search that actually works, plus exclusive features like ASAP and Amazon FreeTime. It’s the easiest way to enjoy Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, low-cost movie rentals, live and on demand sports, music, photos, games, and more. What a great to welcome a hard working college student home during the holidays!

 amazon fire tv


  • Perfect365 by Arcsoft is the perfect app for great selfies, which will be taken by every student when they get back to school! The experts at Perfect365, Arcsoft’s award-winning free makeover app, have pulled together some tips to make sure your summer selfies are picture-perfect. Visit here for must-have tips for taking flawless selfies and using Perfect365 to create your best back to school looks, and save your virtual makeover to share it with friends via Facebook, Flickr or Twitter.
  • simplicamSimplicam by ArcSoft is a very useful device for those who will be living at a college dormitory. It’s a new home-monitoring camera powered by Closeli, that offers a Face Detection technology. Simplicam enables users to be able to keep an eye on who and what matters most while they’re away from home directly from their smartphone, tablet or computer. It has a recording service that enables you to watch real-time video in full 720P HD when you get home, or you can watch it on a smartphone or web browser. You can instantly share and edit video clips with friends and family, thanks to easy-to-use app Closeli. What most unique about this is the Facial Detection Feature, which will tell you if someone is in your room, and the two-way microphone is very useful while you’re away!

AwoXAwoX StriimLIGHT WiFI Color is must-have for music lovers, that was showcased at CE Week and the Holiday Gift Guide exhibit for Media, is a wi-fi music light that has color. Just imagine how fun it can be to play music from your cell phone or tablet and fill up your rom with color! This is a WiFi speaker that is actually inside a variable color LED light bulb, so you can listen to your favorite music wherever you can plug in a lamp. Use several for sound all around (after you finish all your homework, of course!).

 cobra logoCobra Electronics has a couple of very useful portable power devices, such as the Cobra CPP Solar Portable Power Series and the Cobra Jum Pack!

  • Cobra Dash Cams – These will deliver a peace of mind, security and even some entertainment. Cobra’s series of Drive HD Dash Cams boasts of recording everything drivers see in full 1080P HD video. It’s a crazy world out there and Drive HD Dash Cams are the perfect solution to continuously record your surroundings and keep you and your vehicle safe and secure. An embedded G-Sensor automatically saves clips where an impact has been detected, with the high end model including GPS to simulcast your precise location on a Google™ Map along with your video. Drive HD Cams also take 12 megapixel still shots and all images and videos can be viewed on a TV or computer. .
  • Cobra CPP Solar Portable Power Series retails between $39.95 to $79.95 and is a must-have for all those who are constantly on the go. Cobra has utilized solar panel energy to create long-lasting power products with the Cobra CPP Series. Both models, the Cobra CPP 100 and CPP 300 integrate high efficiency solar panels and allow users to charge mobile devices multiple times. Both models feature a 6000 mAh Li-ion battery and can be charged using both the solar panel and USB port. The Cobra CPP 100 includes a 2.1 Amp Outlet and LED Battery Status Indicator. The Cobra CPP 300 features an LCD Battery Status Indicator, Micro USB Output 1A and Dual USB Outlets with 2.1A and 1A Outputs.
  • Cobra JumPack™ provides plenty of power to jump start most vehicles or power up iPhones and other accessories. Cobra’s portable powerpack, the Cobra JumPack™ is ideal emergency power for a home, vehicle or outdoors, as it features a 200A starting current, 400A peak current, 2.1 Amp USB Output and a 7500 mAh Li-Cobalt Battery with an LED battery status indicator. The CPP 7500 offers the reliability and convenience to charge multiple devices during low battery levels and is perfect for travel and multipurpose use.

felix brandFelix, which showcased at the Holiday Gift Guide Media/New Product Events expo, has a couple of very simple and useful accessories for tablets and phones. What I love about Felix’s technology accessories is that they’re simple, fun and they really make a big difference on how we use our tablets and phones. Two items that I found most useful in my household are Felix’s TwoHands for iPads, tablets and eReaders and the SmallHands for smartphones. The TwoHands grips onto your iPad, tablet or eReader tightly and lets you angle it according to your own liking. It’s very lightweight, very sturdy, simple, and can be used on any tablet in vertical or horizontal position. Felix’s SmallHands works great for iPhones and most smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and is one of the best and most effect smartphone holders out in the market today!

hamiltonbeach logo Hamilton Beach has practically everything you need to go to college, as it offers great home appliances and air purifiers, such as: blenders, mixers, toasters, slow cookers, and clothes irons! Some of its latest and greatest products perfect for living in a college dorm or must-have holiday gifts are:

  • Chrome Electronic Iron removes wrinkles fast, which is great for getting ready for school in the morning.
  • 1.5 Quart Ice Cream Maker makes homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato or sherbert in approximately 20 minutes!
  • Ceramic Breakfast Skillet has a great and easy to clean ceramic nonstick coating, heated lid and adjustable browning control with power on and ready lights so you to cook a whole slew of healthy meals in approximately 10 minutes!
  • ChefPrep 10 Cup Food Processor with five processing options to slice, shred, grate, chop, or mix 10 cups of food, which is perfect for those who prefer to eat healthy homemade meals to avoid the dreaded “Freshman 10 pounds.”
  • TrueAir Compact Pet Air Purifier is a must-have to deal with allergies! Hamilton Beach TrueAir Compact Air Purifier boasts of 99% HEPA-grade cleaning performance in a compact design that fits anywhere. What’s great about its HEPA filter is that it permanent and never needs replacement! It simply vacuums clean for minimal upkeep, which makes this a must-have for your room.

hammeracherHammacher is a retailer and mail order company that has been in business since the mid 1800’s! 1848. Hammacher sells top electronics, such as computer and smartphone accessories too. Check out these awesome electronics for back to school, which also makes spectacular holiday gifts:

  • Four Device Charging Clock Radio charges up to four devices at once! It has four USB ports to charge any smartphone, tablet computer, or any USB-powered device. Three docks on top of the clock radio hold devices upright and the radio plays music from any one connected device. The dock plays music from any connected device through dual integrated stereo speakers and three universal cradles hold smartphones or a tablet upright, so you can watch videos or listen to a music, all while the devices charge. This boasts of taking up less space than a toaster and it has built-in power surge protection, an FM radio, an LCD clock, and dual alarms that plugs into AC.
  • Portable Smartphone Photo Printer is one of the most useful portable electronic devices. This palm-sized wireless printer prints pictures from a smartphone, stores easily in a pocket and connects wirelessly to an iPhone or Android phone to print 2″ x 3 1/3″ color photos in a minute. It’s compatible with all iPhone (including iPhone 5s/5c/5), iPad, and iPod touch models running iOS 5 and up and Android-powered devices runningS 2.3 and up.
  • Portable WiFi Signal Booster is a life saver, especially for those who constantly experience poor wifi. This boasts of extending the range and improves the signal strength of a wireless network, simply by plugging into an AC outlet. It connects to a wireless network and rebroadcasts the signal to provide a faster, more reliable WiFi connection. The wireless hotspot’s power prongs fold into the device and the entire unit fits in a pocket for simple, unobtrusive storage when traveling. It uses the most advanced 802.11n protocol (compatible with b and g devices too), enables up to 150 Mbps download speed, and allows up to 10 devices to access the Internet at once. It provides WEP, WPA-PSK, and WPA2-PSK security for optimal privacy. The unit also converts a wired Internet connection into a wireless network via a built-in Ethernet port. This is definitely a must-have for anyone going back to school, for those who travel and for everyone who experiences poor wifi service.
  • Best Children’s Cash Register for ages 3+ earned the Best rating in tests by the Hammacher Institute because it teaches basic math skills and helps children recognize U.S. currency! Of all tested models, it was the only one that used games to teach addition and subtraction, so this will be sure to get kids confidant and ready for back to school! Its coin quiz helps to develop logic, reasoning, and change-making skills by either prompting children to insert a named coin into the register, match a given dollar amount in coins only, or enter an amount using its keypad. Its spoken voice was the easiest to understand and its LCD was the easiest to read, prompting one panelist to comment this model was the “most educational unit.” It comes with paper bank notes and plastic coins similar in size to U.S. currency. Includes a working scale, credit card, and coupon scanner; coin slot recognizes U.S. coins — all thise and requires only three C batteries!

hasbroHasbro is a top American and global toy company and one of the largest toy makers in the world, that has every game you can think of for little kids, big kids and adults too! Whether you’re hunting Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, Marvel or a whole slew of other spectacular items, Hasbro is the toy company that will get your pre-K, Kindergartener or grade schooler’s attention (yes, even adults too)! For those who love digital games, which are great for kids while in the car or just to play something education, definitely check out:

honeywellHoneywell is highly regarded for its consumer products. Two amazing new Honeywell products that came out recently are:

  • Honeywell Bluetooth® Smart Air Purifier auto-adjusts to local pollen counts via a free mobile app (an allergy season first), along with the latest Honeywell heaters, fans and humidifiers! This technology enables automatic air cleaning operation according to allergen levels in your area, which makes this product very unique! The new air purifier and the free companion app contain unique functionality, as well as personal customization and control. Additional features include allergen alert settings, a proximity sensor that will automatically turn the unit on and off when the connected mobile device enters or leaves the Bluetooth® range, custom operation schedules so the unit will operate only when you want it to, and filter change reminders that include a quick web link for replacement filter purchases.
    Honeywell Lyric Thermostat is one of the latest and greatest thermostats that just launched recently! It’s the first offering in a new family of innovative connected home products, which delivers heating and cooling comfort when you’re home, and savings when you’re away, no learning needed. This is a must-have for everyone who wants to save money on their energy bills.

Kurio has the ultimate Android™ tablet for families, and its Kurio App Store, is the first digital store targeted to children, preloaded with content for kids and parents, best-sellers games, educational content, e-books, perfect for back to school fun! Kurio boasts of affordability and durability, which is a relief especially for parents who have experience their kids dropping their expensive tablets!

 kurio tablet

Nautilus Bowflex Boost is very comfortable to wear, easy to use, less expensive than other wearable fitness trackers, and definitely a great back to school gift for those who want to keep away from the “Freshman 10!” Everyday activities like walking, running and lifting count toward your progress, so this is a great asset to have. Tracking your steps, distance and calories is now easier than ever thanks to pre-programmed daily goals and easy Bluetooth syncing with a free Bowflex Boost™ mobile app compatible with iPhone 4S and newer devices as well as select Android™ phones with Android™ 4.3 or newer.

 bowflex boost

Ozobot is very interesting, because it exercises ones’ social, competitive, learning and strategic thinking. This new and creative robot, is a smart game alternative for kids and interactive fun for adults! Powered by innovation, Ozobot is a high-precision robot that is programmed for action, and is great for beginners and advanced players. It follows your instructions or moves autonomously; memorizes and plays back up to 500 moves, and it draw moves on paper or drag and drop them on tablets and phones.


Polar Electro developed the world’s first wireless heart rate monitor. It’s renowned for making sports training computers, heart rate monitoring equipment, and accessories for athletic training and fitness, as well as, products that help measure heart rate variability. Check out some of its top quality fitness and cross training watches here. For example, the Loop Activity Tracker is idea for anyone who wants to track their activity 24/7 (yes, we burn calories while we sleep too), in order to reach our respective activity goals.

 polar electro

Seagate, a top tier American data storage company, has some of the slimmest portable drives for easy to use, automatic backup software for any busy student’s digital life. Just imagine, how great it ibe able to access your entire digital library on just one drive, and you can backup your data easily from your moble devices! To see what works for your specific needs, view Seagate’s various external storage products here. For example, the Seagate Backup Plus Fast Portable Drive offers 4TB backup, has a Seagate dashboard pre-loaded on drive, has an 18″ USB 3.0 cable, USB 3.0 Y-Cable, just everything you need (such as your movies, music, pictures, personal files, etc.) for secure portable backup that performs up to twice the speed of other portable hard drives!

 seagate backup-plus-fast portable drive

SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror will automatically light up when your face approaches the mirror, and will shut off when you walk away, which is a great energy savor! This cordless sensor mirror helps reduce clutter, and boasts of a cutting edge light technology which delivers a sharp, color correct view. It’s available in: i) a beautiful stainless steel mirror; ii) a wall mount sensor mirror; and also in iii) a mini sensor mirror, which is perfect for traveling. SimpleHuman Sensor Mirrors are a great new mirror what was showcased earlier this year at the Holiday Gift Guide Media Event, and will definitely make a great back to school gift and/or a holiday gift!

simplehuman mirror

SmartLab Toys is a fun gift for kids who love science. It offers hands-on experience that makes learning fun, contains three science kits in one kit, offers diverse activities for extended playtime. This science-fair ready activity set will take kids from home to a fun and educational science fair. Kids can get a bug’s eye view of robotics, conduct weirdly scientific experiments using ordinary ingredients from the kitchen. Your kids will have so much fun, as they get thir heads in the clouds, and weather wisdom will rain down on them and the rest of the family. 

smartlab toys

Sprint is a top tier telecommunications company offers one of the best wireless services (best deal in data and family plan package), and is also a major global internet carrier. Sprint also offers wireless voice, messaging, and broadband services through its various subsidiaries through Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Assurance Wireless brands. 

  • sprint s4Samsung Galaxy S4: On Thursday, August 28, 2014, Sprint announced Samsung Galaxy S 4 (which still reigns as the greatest life companion of all smartphones so far to date!) with Sprint Spark as its first device to get the over-the-air software update enabling the ability to use Wi-Fi Calling when traveling abroad! This awesome new feature allows those traveling abroad with Wi-Fi Calling enabled phones to make and receive calls to friends and family in the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico at no additional charge while connected to a Wi-Fi network! It’s really spectacular that Sprint finds ways to save users money, domestically and when traveling abroad. International Wi-Fi Calling lets customers use voice and messaging services over existing home, office and public Wi-Fi networks in more than 100 countries outside the United States back to phone numbers in the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico without being charged or using monthly plan minutes! Samsung Galaxy S 4 with Sprint Spark will be Sprint’s first smartphone to get the International Wi-Fi Calling update. Sprint plans to expand Wi-Fi Calling with international calling capabilities to additional devices throughout 2014, so be sure to check sprint out for back to school and holiday gifts! This just what international students need, especially in today’s down economy – major kudos to Sprint!
  • sprint lg g3 - jpgLG Electronics for G Smartphones: Sprint and LG Electronics announced that the LG G3 and innovative, curved LG G Flex, are teaming up to bring customers the highly anticipated LG G3 in exclusive runway-worthy shine gold or metallic black! This next generation of the award-winning LG G family of smartphones was available over the summer in mid July with the super-high-speed network capability of Sprint Spark™ and the significant value of the Sprint Framily Plan. With Sprint Easy Pay, well-qualified buyers can purchase LG G3 with $0 down (plus tax) and 24 monthly payments of $25. New and existing customers can pre-order LG G3 beginning July 11 at, 1-800-Sprint1 or any Sprint retail store. The shine gold color option is exclusively available in the U.S. from Sprint.

stanleyblackndeckerStanley Black + Decker makes great power tools and accessories, hardware and home improvement products, and cleaning products too! With going back to school season here, that means students who are living at college dorms need to be cleaning up their own rooms! Black + Decker offers a variety of easy cleaning tools, so there’s no excuse to be messy, with crumbs, food and dirt everywhere. 

  • Black + Decker 20V MAX Lithium Flex Vac With Stick Vac Floor Head & Pet Hair Brush cleans tight spots, high shelves, has a stick vacuum floor head that converts into a flexible vacuum for larger cleaning jobs, and a pet hair brush that easily removes stubborn pet hair! It’s cordless, portable and ultra-compact so you can tackle chores without having to use a clumsy, full size vacuum!
  • Black + Decker Two in One Steam Mop has a removable hand held steam cleaner for cleaning counters, bathrooms, or cooking surfaces. It boasts of kills 99.9% of germs using only water and no chemicals required which is great for those who have allergies, and who prefer green living lifestyle. It has Digital SmartSelect Technology so you can select the specific floor type (wood, tile, stone), and the mop automatically releases the right amount of steam.
  • Black + Decker ScumBuster Xtreme with 3 in 1 Extension Handle is great for cleaning the sink or bathtub. It has a powerful motor to help get rid of tough stains and messes, and a powered roller brush to do the scrubbing for you! It’s fully submersible, for cleaning in and out of water. The three-in-one extension handle and the interchangeable accessories is useful and makes scrubbing fast and easy.

Voxx EyeSee360 which was presented at the Holiday Gift Guide Media exhibit several months ago, offers panoramic video cameras and software for those who are extreme sports enthusiast and those who just love to take photos with friends and family. The 360Fly and 360MicroFly are two great new, must-have products that are compact, lightweight, with 360 degree HD that will enable users to capture and share personal experiences in a never before seen narrative! The 360Fly is mountable on a variety of different sports equipment from helmets to surfboards to a tiny tripod for the center of a table. The “360MicroFly” is the world’s first 360 single optic lens attachment for Apple and select Android phones. The 360Fly and 360MicroFly boasts changing the way consumers view video, making their footage more compelling, engaging, and more exciting than ever before. You can mount it, wear it, or simply place it and experience the future of video making!360fly

Other cool products by Voxx International are:

  • myris is an iris-scanning identity authentication device that boasts of improving online security for users and eliminate the need to remember the myriad of different passwords required for its different digital accounts.
  • 808 Thump is an ultra-portable, bluetooth speaker that delivers big sound in a small package with 6 hours of playtime on a single charge! It’s available in black, white, pink and blue.
  • 808 Soundcap is a beanie with built-in headphones that boasts of offering superior sound and ultimate comfort.
  • Acoustic Research Jingle Balls allows you to trim your tree with your favorite music! The Jingle Balls offer wireless Bluetooth music in a small, tree ornament design — a perfect holiday gift for yourself and loved ones.

Felix TwoHands and SmallHands are my tablet’s and smartphone’s BFF

11 Jul

Felix, which showcased its latest technology accessories at the New Product Events expo in the Hilton Hotel in NYC recently, has a couple of very simple and useful accessories for tablets and phones. What I love about Felix’s technology accessories is that they’re simple and fun things that makes a big difference on how we use our tablets and phones. Two items that I found most useful in my household are Felix’s TwoHands for iPads, tablets and eReaders and the SmallHands for smartphones.


Flex TwoHands is one of the best and most effect tablet holders out in the market today!The TwoHands grips onto your iPad, tablet or eReader tightly and lets you angle it according to your own liking. It’s very lightweight, very sturdy, simple, and can be used on any tablet in vertical or horizontal position. TwoHands is very slim and portable, which so it’s perfect for summer travels. I love how it’s designed to work with whatever orientation suits me, and how easily it opens up wide to allow for a stable hold in landscape or portrait with small and large tablets.

Felix’s SmallHands is perfect for those who always have their phones with them. It works great for iPhones and most smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4. The saying, “Little things means alot,” really does apply to SmallHands, because it’s so simple, yet it’s so very effective in holding my smartphone, so I can watch movies on my cell

Flex SmallHands is one of the best and most effect smartphone holders out in the market today!

HC felix smallhands

Radioshack pop-up store at Time Square

4 Dec

Radioshack’s pop-up store kick off celebration last at Time Square, 1565 Broadway betwen 46th & 47th Streets was awesome and out of this world! The holiday party consisted of two floors, with the cocktail bar, popcorn machine, photo booth and live dj upstairs!

The first floor displayed Radioshack’s lastest and greatest holiday offers. There were Radioshack representatives giving party goers and shoppers brief overviews of the hottest tech items for the best holiday gifts. They also handed out $10 coupons (first come, first serve, valid at Time Square location through Sunday, December 8, 2013) to lucky attendees! Check out this cool Auvio bluetooth portable speaker I got at the pop-up store!

Image     The kick off celebration included Gabriel Saporta of Cobra Starship, with great music and free flowing cocktails from 6pm – 9pm! The holidays are right around the corner, so be sure to check out Radioshack’s pop-up store at 1565 Broadway betwen 46th & 47th Streets (pop-up shop open now – mid February) or at a Radioshack nearest you.


5 Aug


The new Survivor  +  Catalyst Waterproof  Case for iPhone 5 is perfect for the summer, especially for those who engage in water sports! The back-to-school season is a month away, so this makes a great gift for any student too.

survivor iPhone5

This amazing waterproof + Catalyst case allows you to take your iPhone underwater down to 3 meters (9.8 feet), so it really does protect your device from water damage and it’s drop proof to 2 m (6.6 feet)! In addition, it enables you to have full access to all of the iPhone’s   features   to   take   photos and videos, make phone calls, send messages, listen to music and even plug in to recharge the battery. The touchscreen, all sensors, cameras and buttons are protected and functional while side latches secure the iPhone 5 inside the watertight case.  The crystal clear housing is a signature feature from Catalyst’s first case, the Escape Capsule, and is designed to allow you to showcase your iPhone as well as visually inspect the o-ring  seals for  reliable waterproof protection. This is one of the best waterproof and drop proof cases out in the market today, because it has a top notch design, high quality, functionality and usability.

“With summer right around the corner, Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof is the perfect companion at pool parties, hiking trips, and extreme sporting adventures. It’s a must-have for anyone in need of superior protection for their iPhone 5,” said Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology.

Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof for iPhone 5 is a fully covered and sealed waterproof case engineered to protect the iPhone 5 from impacts, water, rain, snow, sand, mud, etc. Each Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof is tested to meet  its IP68 waterproof standard of 3 meters  deep for 30  minutes before being approved for sale.   The  case  is  made  from  the  strongest materials including: i) Polycarbonate frame and rear cover ii) TPE shock-absorbing bumpers iii) PET-integrated screen cover iv) Nylon latches, charge port door, volume controls, power button, and home button and v) Silicone O-rings that form a compression line which can be seen through the clear housing to visually confirm that the case is watertight.

The Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 is now available for $69.99 at To watch Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof be put to the test, please visit

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great life companion and a top smartphone that’s hard to beat!

26 Jun



Samsung is remarkable, and have been making the greatest smartphones ever since the birth of the S3 and Note II. I didn’t think Samsung can get any better, until the birth of the S4! The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been the talk of Androids and smartphones, ever since it launched spring of 2013! Here are just some of the reasons why I love the S4:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 has an excellent 5″ high-definition (1080p) touch screen display, lots of sensor-based tools, to make life simpler. For example, you can use the device’s  Smart Scroll to make call and text messages with just a tilt of your wrist!
  • You can instruct the S5 with a quick swipe of your hand above the screen, without having to touch it, which is awesome, as it allows for better multi-tasking.
  • Multi-tasking gets even easier than ever before! You can multi-task, by reading your emails simply by putting the hand over the screen. The S4 lets you run two apps simultaneously in a split-screen! For example, you can watch a video while checking email.
    The dual-camera is incredible, because it has a front and rear camera that can be used at the same time! You can blend pictures, so the entire family an be in the picture. 
  • You can include a recorded message to pictures and send it to your parents and/or grandparents. 
  • Galaxy S4 has a Beauty Shot and Eraser, so you can can remove unwanted objects/people from pictures.
  • S4’s Smart Pause, automatically pauses a video when it detects a you looking away, and restarts the video when you’re looking back at your S4 again.
  • S4’s S Translate has a real-time translator for nine different languages! S Translate helps you with anything from reading menus to communicating with others in text or speech. S Translate can translate messages in text into any one of the nine languages it supports, so you can take advantage of it to read signs on the street and menus in restaurants during your overseas travels!
  • Do not text while driving is a vital rule that must be followed! The S4’s S Voice Drive listens to your voice so you  can hear messages and instruct the S4 to reply while you continue to drive hands-free! 
  • It has  expandable storage and a battery that’s removeable — perks that some other high end smartphones, such as the iPhone5 does not have. 

This outstanding smartphone is without a doubt, the best ofall the rest! I’m attending CE Week, so I bet the S4 will be very hard to beat. Other top of the line smartphones that may come close to the S4 are: HTC One, Lumia 920 and Lumia 928, and maybe the IPhone 5 but that’s a very fine line, because it’s pretty much a given that the S4 tops the iPhone 5.

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