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Reebok ZJet sneakers are flexible, lightweight, fast, looks superb and are the best running shoe ever!

14 Sep

Reebok ZJet sneakers are flexible, lightweight, fast, looks superb and are the best running shoe ever!.


Reebok ZJet sneakers are flexible, lightweight, fast, looks superb and are the best running shoe ever!

14 Sep
Reebok ZJet are great for running and walking too!

Reebok ZJet is the most comfortable running shoe you can get today!

The Reebok Human Dispatch Service (“HDS”) launched on August 28 to gift the new Reebok ZJet sneaker to some very lucky New Yorkers in midtown, chelsea, soho and east village! Reebok hand-delivered throughout the day, as many free pairs of the new ZJet runners that features an innovative new cushioning system with channels of air moving under the foot to as many lucky winners, as humanly possible! Reebok ZJet shoes are the best running shoes (also wonderful for walking) out in the market now, and here’s why…

Reebok is known for living and breathing fitness, and it proved it with its ZJet these stylish runners. These sneakers have NanoWeb uppers that keep everyone’s foot supported and centered when accelerating in and out of turns. It’s made of rubber soles, moving air technology that provides maximum cushioning and comes in exhillarating, vibrant colors. These running shoes aren’t just for running, and are perfect for being on your feet all day too. They offer the flexibility that allows the foot to bend freely for added comfort, and its light, smooth fuse seamless upper construction makes the Reebok ZJet sneaker a winner!

With the holidays coming up and New Year following, a comfortable, great looking pair of shoes can surely get me excited about getting fit and loosing some pounds, before the family gatherings.They are light, super comfortable with just the right amount of padding, and they fit securely to your feet, so it helps you run fast. If you want the best running shoes out in the market today that’s also great for walking, definitely get the Reebok ZJet sneakers! You’ll be happy you did, because these are really the best running shoes that’s currently out in the market.

Crocs are great for the summer, very versatile and not just for kids

3 Jul

Crocs has been in business for more than a decade from what I can remember. They’re great for kids, women and men too!  Crocs aren’t just summer shoes, but also make awesome golf shoes. I never really paid much attention to Crocs when they first came out, because I thought they were unattractive plastic beach or boat shoes only. What I love about Crocs now, is that they’re so comfortable and come in a whole slew of colors and styles to meet everyone’s specific needs!

I went to the Crocs flagship store recently on 34th Street and 7th Ave (Herald Square, NYC) and entered a raffle giveaway that the store was promoting. I won a pair of Crocs Men’s Karlson Realtree Xtra Golf Shoe, and have been wearing it almost every day!  They’re not just for golf, and are so comfortable that I wear them to work and hang out with friends. I get so many compliments on the style, design and most importantly – they are light weight and waterproof which is great for rainy days and make my feet feel comfy all day long!

these crocs golf shoes are so comfy that I wear them to work and when I hang out with friends too! They're waterproof and very weight!

these crocs golf shoes are so comfy that I wear them to work and when I hang out with friends too! They’re waterproof and very weight!

The summer is here, so I’m definitely going to Crocs to get a pair for family!  Crocs have a huge variety of shoes for men (big and tall 14+ sizes too), such as clogs, flip flops, golf shoes, loafers, sandals, shoes and sneakers. For women who are very picky about style and trends, you won’t be disappointed with the amazing choices of color and styles that Crocs has to offer women this summer, such as flats, maryjanes, heels and wedges! For those with kids, be sure to check out Crocs’ character selections for boys such as this pair of Dinosaur Clog that lights up and girls, such as this pair of Hello Kitty Lined Clog, which can also be worn as slippers!

Brooks Running came out with their latest line of neon night time running shoes!

29 Jun

Image  Brooks Running is a leading running company that makes the best gear for anything and everything related to running. Its high performance men’s and women’s running shoes and apparel are known to be innovative that helps athletes running longer, farther, faster and happier.

Some of the latest line of running shoes are, but not limited to:

1. Pure Project Ideel Heel promotes proper alignment and reduces lever arms. Toe Flex enhances feel and creates ultimate feel during the run. The Nav Band creates a dynamic fit, where the elastic band will accomodate different foot shapes and create a comfortable, assured arch fit. An Anatomical Last works more efficiently with foot. Biomogo DNA responds to each one’s individual needs, as it tunes the cushioning and responsiveness to one’s specific needs. All PureProject shoes are lower profile and have a wider base to enable further stability.

2. Pure Drift is the newest Pure Project Shoe and gives runners the ultimate connection with the ground. The new shoe features a natural fit, light mesh upper and the ability to modify the shoe to a zero offset while maintaining surprising comfort. PureDrift launches at retail in Jan. 2013, as part of the second iteration
of the PureProject line.

3. Glycerin 10 is very plush and incredibly balanced. The forefoot is designed with enhanced flexiblity for effortless toe-off in every step. Updated saddle hugs foot, while full length Brooks DNA midsole customizes cushion to each one’s individual needs, so feels 110% percent.

4. Cascadia 7 is the perfect trail show, as it’s rugged without sacrificing runnability. This amazing piece of equipment features an asymmetric upper that anatomically wraps the foot with conforming materials, a ballistic rock shield and toe protector for dicey terrain, and four-point pivot posts that act like a suspension system for your feet. Top it off with an intuitive lug pattern and this trailblazer is ready to tackle even the toughest terrain.

For more information about the latest line of night time running shoes and gear, as well as, other amazing Brooks Running high performance gear, visit

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